This Code of Ethics aims to be a Code of Conduct which describes the lines of action of Seguí Clima company, in the development of its functions both in Spain and in the rest of the countries where the company has commercial relations.

The content of Seguí Clima Code of Ethics is delimited by the current legislative framework, both nationally and internationally, in which the company carries out its actions and commercial relations.

Seguí Clima considers that it is the duty of all employees of the company and those who have business relations with it, to know and comply with the provisions and recommendations of this Code of Ethics.

1. Object

The code of ethics of SEGUÍ CLIMA aims to establish a series of guidelines for ethical behavior of all its workers and management staff, with regard to the development of their daily functions and with those people and entities with whom they are related: customers, suppliers, collaborators, public and private institutions and society in general.

It is considered that any person or institution related to SEGUÍ CLIMA must comply with the provisions of these Code.

2. Scope of Application

This code of ethics aims to be a statement of principles, values and guidelines of conduct for both their professional activity and their relationship with society. In this way we will guarantee the collective application of the values that guide SEGUÍ CLIMA. These are : No member of the company has the power to propose, approve or order any action that is contrary to the Code of Ethics, having to report any breach or conduct, even adopted by third parties, that is not in accordance with this Codi.

Violations can be reported at the web address:


3. General principles

All actions of workers and members of the company SEGUÍ CLIMA (hereinafter the company) will be carried out based on the general interest of the company, and respecting the principles of transparency, integrity, good faith. , responsibility, diligence at work, discipline, loyalty to the company and confidentiality.

This practice will be applicable both in the internal management tasks that are specific to employees and managers, as well as in their relationship with customers, suppliers and in general in all those people or entities that interact with the company.

4. Behavional guidelines

Although the general principles that will govern the ethics of the actions carried out by the members of the company SEGUÍ CLIMA are duly indicated in this code, it is proceeded to enumerate those aspects of greater importance that base the ethical obligations and the good government. corresponding to the members of the company:
  • Confidentiality. Any matter or information processed by the members of the company, based on their own activities, will be considered strictly confidential, so the members of the company agree not to disclose information considered sensitive, in whole or in part. , when so agreed by the managers of the company and thus transmitted to the workers and other persons involved with the business relations of the company. This is due to the necessary and legitimate defense of the interests of the Company. The duty of confidentiality remains in time beyond the termination or renunciation of the employment relationship with the company.

  • Loyality. The members of the company will always act for the achievement of business purposes in accordance with the guidelines established by the company itself and entrusted and transmitted to its employees.

  • Legality. All employees and collaborators of SEGUÍ CLIMA will respect the legal regulations in force in the development of their professional activities, both in Catalonia, in Spain and in other countries where the company maintains commercial relations.

  • Transparency. The actions of the members and staff of the company will be framed within the ethical principle of good faith, being governed by the highest standards of transparency and integrity, ensuring the proper defense of the interests of the company

    It is considered a violation of the Code of Ethics to use the condition of being a member of SEGUÍ CLIMA to obtain benefits for himself or for a third party.

    Likewise, members of the Board of Directors, employees and staff related to the Company may not accept gifts, courtesy invitations or favoritism from suppliers or third parties.
  • Use of Privileged Information. The members of SEGUÍ CLIMA will refrain from using the privileged information for their own benefit or for the benefit of a third party. Information loses its privileged status when it is informed to the general public by any communication channel.

  • Discipline. The members of SEGUÍ CLIMA will carry out their functions efficiently, adopting proactive attitudes and respect for the company’s employees and all those agents involved in their commercial relationship

  • Responsibility. The members of SEGUÍ CLIMA must carry out the work with due diligence and care and their actions must be preceded by the evaluation of sufficient information in order to make the most correct decisions for the company.

  • Labor Relations. SEGUÍ CLIMA promotes work groups where trust and respect for the dignity of people is an element highly valued as a work environment. The company guarantees equal opportunities and is committed to putting in place the necessary means to contribute to the professional and personal development of all its employees. SEGUÍ CLIMA will not allow any discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, political ideology, nationality, social origin, disability or any other circumstance. SEGUÍ CLIMA also undertakes to maintain a work environment in which there are no conducts that could be considered harassment or intimidation at work, whether sexual or of any other nature, being understood as harassment or intimidation. desired to have as its object or consequence an attack on the dignity of people.

  • Relationships with customers and suppliers. SEGUÍ CLIMA considers its customers as the cornerstone of his company. That is why he will promote a good relationship with them, always seeking their professional satisfaction. With regard to suppliers, the company will have a relationship of impartiality and objectivity with all of them, applying the criteria of quality, opportunity and cost in the process of selecting them. Always acting in defense of the interests of the company.

  • Fraud prevention. SEGUÍ CLIMA will scrupulously and reliably comply with national and international regulations. Professionals and employees of the company must comply with the laws and all other rules that apply in the countries in which their business is carried out, including customs and trade regulations. The professionals and collaborators of SEGUÍ CLIMA must identify and communicate to the Ethics Committee the existence of fraudulent activities, understood as actions or omissions committed deliberately in order to obtain their own benefit or that of others.
    To this end, the Code articulates a channel of complaints:

  • Prevention of money laundering. SEGUÍ CLIMA expressly prohibits any donation or promise to Spanish or foreign civil servants, political candidates or employees of any company, either directly or through a third party, in order to unduly influence its decision in favor of the company Seguí Clima. SEGUÍ CLIMA does not accept gifts, invitations or customer service that exceeds the current legality. SEGUÍ CLIMA will not allow the use of company credit cards for the purpose and personal use. SEGUÍ CLIMA prohibits offering its workers and collaborators any type of illicit advantage to people from other companies or institutions in order for them to opt for the acquisition of the products of our company. To this end, the Code articulates a channel of complaints:

• Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is the body responsible for interpreting this Code of Ethics and implementing policies that ensure the effectiveness of compliance and the legality of this Code.

It will be formed by the Manager of the company, who will be able to delegate to the person he deems most convenient; the Director of Human Resources and the Head of the Company’s Legal Advice. The company will be periodically informed of its measures on the measures adopted for the effective implementation of the Code.

In order to protect the integrity of the company SEGUÍ CLIMA, its employees and managers must undertake to disclose any action observed within the organization that violates this Code.

SEGUÍ CLIMA will exercise the legal or disciplinary measures it deems appropriate in accordance with current legislation in order to prevent conduct that violates this Code. The company will also prevent those behaviors that, due to action or omission, are inappropriate or that, knowing them, do not attempt an immediate solution.