What's the air-source?
The air-source is a renewable energy that takes advantage of the termal energy that we find in the air.
In order to provide heating, cooling and hot sanitary wáter, the ASHP transfers termal energy into the living depending on the needs of the home.
How does it work?
Through the heat pump, an efficient and sustainable tecnology. It allows us to sabe energy and reduce the direct emissions of CO2.
Why does a heat pump sabe energy?
Beacause the air-source heat pumps are high-efficiency systems that can transforma n electric energy unity to foro r more heating energy units. It ensures a high performance even with low exterior temperatures.
It also has a grat versatility to combine it with heating units like radiators, fan-coils or radiant floors. This allows us to reach a high confort rate in our homes.
Furthermore, the air that ASHP uses is an exhaustible energy that doesen’t generate direct CO2 emissions. It’s a system that contributes to the reduction of green house gases.
“In the coming years, the regulations and the market requirements will bring us to have high efficient installations, making ASHP one of the main technologies”
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