Our variety of heaters hose flexos.
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HEATER FLEX F-1/2" F-1/2"

HEATER FLEX F-1/2" F-1/2" 20CM TUCAI Ref: 888 Ref. FILFE220F
EAN13: 0000129067809

SCALE FLEX F-3/4 "F-3/4"

HEATER FLEX F-3/4" F-3/4" 20CM. TUCAI Ref: 853 Ref. FILFE320F
EAN13: 0000129069117

SCALE FLEXO M-1/2" F-1/2"

HEATER FLEXO M-1/2" F-1/2" 20CM. TUCAI Ref: 7098 Ref. FILFE220
EAN13: 2000507001560

HEATING HOSE M-3/4" H-3/4"

HEATER FLEX M-3/4" F-3/4" 20CM. TUCAI Ref: 867 Ref. FILFE320
EAN13: 0000507000664
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